2015-08-26Fire hose use common sense must pay attention to seven point

Guide language: the fire hose is suitable for liquid and do not contain corrosive powder conveying, ……[More]

2015-08-26Fire hose interface using the matters needing attention

Guide language: the interface is the hose and hose, fire pumps, fire hydrant, portable water cannon ……[More]

2015-08-26The use of fire hose and maintenance:

The use of fire hose and maintenance: First, hose connections, fire hose in the hose coupling, a la……[More]

2015-08-26Use the matters needing attention in the process of fire hos

Fire hose is at the scene of the fire water hose. According to the materials can be divided into lin……[More]

2015-08-26Maintenance and use of fire hose

The maintenance of hose (1) management. To implement the personnel management, grading, serial numb……[More]

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