Use the matters needing attention in the process of fire hos

 Fire hose is at the scene of the fire water hose. According to the materials can be divided into lining lining fire hose and fire hose. With no lining fire hose, low pressure, resistance is big, easy to leak, and easy to mildew corrosion, short service life, suitable for building the laid in the fire; Have lining hose high pressure resistance, wear resistance, resistance to mildew corrosion, durable, and not easy to leak, small resistance, can be arbitrarily curved fold, random move, use convenient, suitable for external fire laid and connected to the fire.

Fire hose should be paid attention to when using:
1. Laid should avoid sudden twists and turns, in order to prevent the lower water pressure resistance ability; Should also avoid reverse, in order to prevent the water filling hose after the rotation and make the button inside the hose coupling release.
2. After filling water should avoid forcibly dragged on the ground, try to lift the mobile need to change the position and to reduce the water and the surface wear.
3. Should avoid with oil, acid, alkali and other corrosive chemicals.
4. In may a flame or strong radiation area, cotton or hemp qualitative hose should be adopted.
5. Should be cleaned after finished with no lining hose to hang dry, dry after volume stored in a cool and dry place.
6. Holes found if there is any breakage in the course of using, application of hose bandage wrapped tight, later darning or fusible interlining as soon as possible; When a significant damage, shall be immediately out of combat readiness.
7. Vehicles to be laid in the hose, should put hose in through parts of the bridge.
8. If you need by rail, when laid should track through below.
9 in cold area should be used outside the building has a lining hose, lest hose freeze.
Fire hose attachments
Hose fittings mainly refers to the connection and use the fire hose necessary accessories, including interface, manifold, etc.
1. The interface
Interface is the hose and hose, fire pump, fire hydrant, or portable water cannon connection joint. Mainly include the hose interface, interface of pipe, valve cover, inside thread fixed interface, external thread fixed interface, adapter, and other abnormal interface.
In use should be paid attention to:
(1) use and storage, should avoid dropping, collision and weight, in case the installation difficult deformation.
(2) the connection before, should carefully check the chute and sealing parts, if there is dirt and sand and other debris should be cleaned in time, difficulties and sealed to prevent.
(3) the button interface connection, shall be deducted will claw inserted into the chute after twist clockwise. When connecting hose and the hose must be straight, in case the interface to release hose torsion.
Connect plug-in interface (4), shall be inserted to hear interface spring pin of the male to female voice interface card slot, in order to ensure reliable connection.
(5) storage pay attention to avoid contact with acid, alkali and other chemicals, to prevent corrosion of the metal and rubber seal metamorphism.
2. The manifold
Manifold is out of the water flow out the regional water connection apparatus. According to the number of branch, there are two water, three water and water.
(1) structure
Each several manifold has a water inlet and outlet, are to be used at the same time, also can use respectively, their interfaces are inside the button. Are equipped with cut-off valve or ball valve on the outlet, which can be closed at any time, control flow, easy to add and change the feeder line.
(2) the use and maintenance
Before use, to check whether the interface sealing ring and valve is a complete works. Winter season to try to heat preservation, prevent freezing failure. Wash clean with clear water after use to be.
National standardization management committee announcement no. 23, 2011 approved the release GB6246-2011 "fire hose", the standard is mandatory national standards, will come into effect on June 1, 2012. Since the date of standards, the following three: standard abolished GB6246-2001 "have lining fire hose performance requirements and test methods. GB4580-1984 "without lining fire hose"; GA34-1992.

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