How does lining fire hose prevent warehouse fire

How does lining fire hose prevent warehouse fire

How does lining fire hose prevent warehouse fire

(Summary description)Serious violation of fire protection regulations, accidental use of fire, and fire caused by exposure to open flames.


Fire hose prices teach you how to prevent warehouse fires

In daily life, there are many reasons for warehouse fires. There are three main causes:

1. Serious violation of fire protection regulations, accidental use of fire, and fire caused by exposure to open flames.

2. The materials are not classified according to their nature and stored in piles, but they are piled up and down.

3. The installation and use of electrical equipment does not meet the requirements.

Then in life, how to prevent warehouse fire? The price of fire hose is for you:

1. Smoking and carrying igniting objects are strictly prohibited in the warehouse and workshop.

2. The door of the production workshop cannot be locked during working hours.

3. Dangerous materials such as flammable and explosive should be placed in a safe place. Except for the necessary quantity, they should not be brought into the workplace.

4. Key warehouses should be in charge of special personnel, and a standardized duty system should be established, and the words "No Pyrotechnics" should be marked. If volatile and combustibles need to be stored, attention should be paid to temperature and ventilation.

5. Fire extinguishing equipment should be set up in accordance with regulations, placed in an obvious and easy-to-use place, and checked regularly, and should be kept available at all times, and at the same time, be familiar with the method of use.

6. The wire must not be connected to a large fuse. After the power is used, make sure to turn off the power.

7. When using oxygen acetylene welding, pay attention to whether there are flammable materials nearby, and the personnel who use flammable materials need to be strictly trained.

8. Electrical equipment should be checked frequently, and should be checked for damage immediately after strong winds and heavy rains.

9. Inflammable and explosive equipment such as boilers should be checked frequently.

10. If you use electrical equipment or add electrical equipment, you should request the superior and notify the specialized personnel to handle it.

How does lining fire hose prevent warehouse fire

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