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The large-caliber drainage hose is lined with polyurethane. The product is wear-resistant, soft, light, high pressure-bearing, long service life, easy to rewind, effectively saving rescue time and reducing the pressure on rescuers. This type of hose is mainly used for flood fighting and rescue work of the fire brigade during the flood season, as well as urban emergency water supply and drainage operations.


Grouped equipment:

Remote water supply fire trucks, water pumps, fire-fighting robots, etc.


Classic Case:

1. At the end of June 2020, a fire brigade in Tongling, Anhui, used this hose to fight floods and rescue

2. In July 2020, Nanjing Fire used our hose to carry out flood fighting and rescue work in Wuxi and other places

3. National Emergency Rescue Center for Work Safety (Beijing) Construction Project of Special Equipment and Materials Reserve for Emergency Rescue of Major Disaster Accidents—Urban Flood Discharge Class B Equipment


Product parameters:

Product parameters:

Remarks: This product has a stock of semi-finished products of various calibers and part of finished products in our factory all year round, so that customers can use it urgently. And the specific caliber, pressure and color of the product can be customized according to customer needs.

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