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Company profile

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Nantong Sentian Fire-Fighting Equipment Co.,Ltd, which was founded in 1982, has more than 30 years’ experience in the field of fire hose manufacturing.based on strong R&D ability and advanced technology, we can customize all kinds of hoses for our customers.

We are the few factories in the world which can produce not only hoses but also circular loom and related supporting equipment.

We have successfully developed large diameter hose and large diameter circular loom with high quality,and reached the leading level of the world.

We have passed CCCF, CCS, CE,MED, FM, UL approval etc.our products have been exported more than 40 countries and zones, include Europe,Japan,Korea and USA etc.

It is about 45 minutes away from Shanghai Pudong airport to us by car.all the staff of Sentian Fire sincerely welcomes all the domestic and international friends, to cooperate, develop and progress together!


Since 2021, one part of our business has been independent (including large diameter hose, circular loom, automatic binding machine, and other supporting equipment), which are produced and exported by Nantong Beca machinery technology co.,ltd

Nantong Sentian Fire-Fighting Equipment Co.,Ltd.

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No.10, Yangsha Road,Qidong City,Jiangsu,China.


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