How to purchase

How to purchase

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Fire hoses come in many different diameters, lengths, colors and pressure etc. in order to buy the correct fire hoses; you will first need to determine the nature of your application.

The circumstances of your application will dictate which fire hose you ultimately need to pur-chase, once you have determined the application, you can begin to sort through the available types of fire hoses based on their individual variables, specifically:

1. Diameters; Lining types;

2. Length and quantities;

3. Working pressure or bursting pressure;

4. Single jacket or double jacket;

5. Color of jacket and lining.

6. Thread type (polyester filament or polyester staple) ;

7. Twill weaving or plain weaving for jacket; Logo on fire hose;

8. You also can visit our website ( www.firehose.cn) and choose from this catalog.

9. if you have hose samples or pictures, you can send to us and we will confirm it according to your hose samples or pictures.

10. If you need install coupling, please tell us coupling types or send us coupling pictures.

If you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for, we are always available to help by e-mail or phone.

If you are a contractor, distributor or fire brigade, we can help for special price.we are open from Monday to Saturday 7:30AM- 6:00PM.

Following Tips, maybe it shall be helpful for you:

1.0 Mpa=10 bar=10 kg/cm2

1 psi=0.06895 bar;

1 bar=14.50377 psi;



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