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How does the circular loom achieve energy saving?

Time of issue: : 2021-04--20
How does the circular loom achieve energy saving? 1. The truth of the circular loom Circular loom using the function of energy saving, it USES mainly has three forms, electric heating element heating, hot air cycle of heating and heat conduction oil heating, the three course test, electric heating element of the heating rate is the lowest energy consumption, use also is the most common, heating, electric heating component but relatively hot air cycle heat energy utilization rate is not then Scott, And it does not apply to the linear density and the stretch of recycled material. The heat conduction oil heating energy consumption rate is the highest, but there is a problem that its heat transfer rate is a little slow, high heat drawing heat is not available. 2, there is a winding assembly in the circular loom, nervous, the assembly is a relatively compare is nervous components of low energy consumption, there are two kinds of winding assembly on the market today, for you is a kind of composite winding, another is the magnetic drive winding, we will put the two winding assembly stop match, combined energy consumption rate is better than magnetic transmission of low energy consumption, However, the forming of the winding is not as good as that of the magnetic drive, which is the biggest difference between these two winding assemblies. 3. The reason why the circular loom will save energy is that it uses less area, saves manpower and time, and has good economic benefits.  
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